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Kal El (Superman), finally killed of his alter ego, Clarke Kent in 1979; two years after the Keene act. Clarke and Lois had been married for those two years. At his death Lois Lane Kent went on a year sabbatical, during which time she conceived their child in secret. He named him Jor-El in memory of his father, though in use it naturally shortened itself to Jorel, whilst Lois christened him Joseph Lane Kent .

Batman was now retired, having passed the mantle onto Dick Grayson who assumed his guise and took Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) as the new Robin whilst searching for a new protégé. It had been a good partnership (and was still a good marriage) until she got promoted to Commissioner in the police force, taking over her fathers post, she'd felt unable to fulfil both positions with total dedication. The new Robin was found in Leo Treswick who at the time was living in one of the Wayne Enterprises orphanages. Though blonde and green eyed he was naturally athletic with a fairly strong moral code. He did suffer from some slight rebellious issues with authority figures, which even now caused arguments between the partners, and on several occasions caused conflicts between commissioner B. Gordon and himself, he sometimes acted as though he knew better than the law he was sworn to uphold; Bruce called it the impetuousness of youth, idealism that would become tempered with age and wisdom.

Leo got on well with Bruce, who treated, (Dick would have said spoiled) the boy well. For his eighteenth birthday he'd received an Italian sports car and it seemed to spark an all consuming interest in girls, any girls; as often as possible, sometimes more than one at the same time. He'd also been seen picking up prostitutes and bringing them back to the Wayne mansion, which Dick had forbidden; which hadn't stopped Robin any. With his babyish good looks, hungry eyes, lean body, natural magnetism, (and the car) he could enter a night club and leave within half an hour with a girl on his arm. Bringing them up to the mansion usually sealed the deal.

Albert had died many years ago and there was a veritable army of servants, cooks and staff around the manor, Bruce had a full time nurse he hated, and a young British man called Bayers was their new butler. Bayers became an unlikely collaborator of Robins, helping to hide evidence of his nocturnal activities, and offering alibis whenever required.


Superboy, aka Jorel, aka Joseph Lane Kent ; and Robin, aka ‘The Boy Wonder', aka Leo Treswick are lying naked in bed together, intertwined in each others arms, chatting quietly. The time is now three oh five am as shown by the green flickering digital clock on the fifth of May 2000 . The pale green luminescence spills across their bodies, aided by the full moon, permits them to see each other and they kiss each other, slowly, languidly. It is unusually warm for so early in spring, and the quilt has been shucked onto the floor. They're basking in the afterglow of a heavy session that stopped just shy of sex.

Jorel strokes Robin's thigh, gently brushing past his lazily swelling cock, his legs parting willingly at the touch, he smiles and lays his head across the science heroes chest, pushing his penis against the others leg, listening and feeling the mellow thump of the half human boys heartbeat (both boys over 18, records on file). Superboy had flown over from Metropolis earlier in the evening to the Wayne mansion, unbeknownst to his father; ditto Batman, writing quietly over in his study in the north wing, who is blissfully unaware that Superboy is here. Jorel was intending on flying back home half hour before his parents were due to rise.


Excerpt from Lois Lane Kent 's ‘Superheroes'. Soon to be a major motion picture starring Elijah Wood as Superboy.

Many science heroes melted away in 1977 when the political arena had exploded, riots in the streets and vigilantism had become extreme. There were deaths, and questions were asked, (‘who watches the watchmen' became the streets rallying cry). Senator Keene drafted up a bill that passed rapidly into law, secret identities were outlawed and a database of vigilantes was created. Some resisted the change, Batman, somewhat used to existing in that grey area never did declare his true identity, and Robin created a faux personality for the authorities, real in all ways documented except actuality. The Green Lantern found a way into ‘the universe next door' and disappeared (unfortunately it was a universe that had a nuclear war one year later in which he was vaporised; the cockroaches did okay though). Since Superman appeared to always be on call he wasn't asked any awkward questions, though I was, at length, by the authorities, who found it hard to believe me merely a woman.

Spiderman and Wonder-woman had finally tied the knot. Both benefited from natural longevity, his caused by the radioactive spiders bite, and were thus still working in the science hero field full time, no longer having a secret alter ego to fall back on. They were trying for a baby with the clandestine help of Wayne Enterprises geneticists after an abortive pregnancy, a black project within the foundation that Dick had initiated; ostensibly to control the spider DNA which was causing problems in the gestation cycle, but actually manipulating various science heroes' cells, including Superman's, with his willing cooperation. They were fairly advanced in the science of cloning as well as influencing varying types of radioactivity, attempting to control the resulting tissue deformation, creating better form and function in muscle and bone, leading to better speed, more strength and imperviousness in the ongoing battle against the dark forces. One side result of all this research had brought about the new longevity pills.

The Hulk was in a specially created asylum, the search for a return to normalcy had finally taken its toll on David Banner who now was almost catatonic, with brief outbursts of fury uncontrolled by any observable internal human agency.

The Fantastic Four were still fantastic, the group dynamic being a strong emotional crutch that kept them healthy and happy; and they'd become five. Flame-Boy had gotten it together with Supergirl as they also appeared to have been gifted with longevity. The Thing had gotten heavily into specialised pornography.

Daredevil and The Flash had teamed up. There were rumours - which were never confirmed or denied…


In 1999 Superman finally finished his new Fortress of Solitude, a floating palace located in a fixed orbit above the dark side of the moon. Population pressures had become such that the reclaimed deserts of the Earth were no longer enough (judiciously placed glaciers solved two problems with one throw, the rising water levels caused by the greenhouse effect, and the growing tracts of desert were stopped in their tracks. It had the side effect of stabilising the entire Middle East region). Even so, with the rapid advances in the sciences – due in no small part to the rise of science hero's and villains: And Superman's input into a sustainable and fair planetary distributional agreement, the population problem had escalated, and people were moving into more inhospitable areas of the planet, first the Artic and Antarctica, then into domes below the oceans, and plans were afoot for the terraforming of Mars.

His original Fortress in the Antarctica had been sold to Wayne Foundation and turned into a tourist attraction. By this time Superman and Batman II had become firm friends, helped by the fact that Superboy and Robin were of a close age, and due to their ‘hero' calling, were themselves best friends. Since the Keene act disallowed them a private life of any description, they had grown up more like brothers.

It was actually on this floating space station where Superman had discovered that the boys' relationships had moved beyond simple friendship and become more complex, as human dynamics invariably did where there was little external stimulus, it had actually started the previous evening…


In Gotham City , Robin and Batman had busted a large drugs ring. The fighting had been minimal since most of the protagonists were themselves users, and once they'd been trussed up, Robin was given the task of transporting them to the local police station, whilst Batman was called away by Commissioner Barbara Gordon. Instead of turning them all in as dictated by law, some he took onto various drug rehabilitation centres. Com. Gordon hit the roof, she wanted his balls; spitting venom. In his defence, every single person he'd taken to rehab were still there, seeking help, and it would take Batman two days to convince her to allow them to clean up before facing justice. In the meantime he thought it politick to send Leo to stay a few days in Metropolis with Lois, Kal El and Jorel. He'd gone willingly enough.

In Metropolis a high-rise low rent block was in flames with hundreds of people trapped throughout the building. Superman directed Superboy and Robin to enter the middle of the building and organise the panicking peoples to various exit points where he could fly them to safety. A swiftly vanished smile on his boys face briefly confused him, as Jorel wrapped his arms around Robin's midriff, but the explosions of endorphin in the boy wonders brain caused him to pause one second, watching them take off. From a few miles off came the jangling sounds of fire engines dispatched to the blaze, as the boys reached the fiftieth floor he saw Robins hand cup his sons rear, physically stroking it – there was a half smile on Jorels face, and there was barely an inch between their lips. Their bodies were crushed up against each other as they vanished into the building.

For less than a microsecond he x-rayed to follow their progress, and then stopped himself, inexplicably ashamed of his reactions and feelings, or not wanting to explore them further, he focused on the job at hand and put the puzzling behaviour out of his mind.


Robin was pissed, he knew those people had needed help, Leo Treswick could spot a faker from a mile off. Damn Babs and Dick, he was good at his job, she could take a flying leap. On the other hand, he was now here with Jorel, about to fly in the face of danger, and there was nothing he liked better than flying with Jorel. After Superman finished outlaying his plan, Jorel gripped him hard around his waist, his fingers splayed out, almost caressing his butt as an explosion filled Leo's body, flooding his brain, emotions stronger than physical effects drowned all reason and logic. As they floated up away from the Earth, slowly gaining speed, his arms wrapped themselves around his friend, feeling Jorels breath on his mouth, desperately wanting to crush his lips against his, staring so longingly into those electric ice blue within blue eyes.

A movement against his groin made him close his eyes with a gentle moan, Jorel was getting a hard-on, pushing insistently into him, he let go then, his body reacting on its own cognizance as his hands slowly explored his friends' delicious arse and his own penis rose to push against Jorel. They seemed to fit so perfectly he wanted this moment to never end, opening his eyes to see that perfect smile on so many young girls' posters, smiling for him, to him, at him. Too soon they flew into an open window where people were screaming and crying in terror and that precious contact had to be broken.

Jorel whispered “Robin, you have to focus, we can't play now, but God, I've got a hard-on that could crack this planet in half.”

Jorel had infinitely more control over his body than Leo, who had to focus on news bulletins, the old nuns at the orphanage and other non erotic imagery to get control of his body, so he could start directing the frightened people to exit points.


After the emergency, after the people had been rescued and after Robin put forth the suggestion the landlord be arrested to be rebuffed by Superman that any responsible would be pursued by the full force of the law, it was agreed that the two lads should go off to the floating fortress. Robin sulkily said that he hadn't brought his ‘breather unit and Superman watched in confused consternation as Jorel locked lips with Leo to supply oxygen, wrapping his cloak around him. They shot off. In their long years of friendship, Dick Grayson had never forgotten his breather, and their suits had been designed to deal with the vacuum and cold.

Superman took off, and for the first time in as long as he could recall, dithered as to his destination, Lois would know how to deal, but perhaps Dick should be made aware of this potentially bourgeoning situation, he was good on the human condition and might have a plan of action. He headed towards Gotham .


They landed gently in a plush room that belonged to Jorel with the latest in multimedia entertainment, no right angles, a high percentage of light purples, golds, and hidden mood lighting. Neither of the boys pulled away from the embrace, and hesitantly Jorel probed Leo's open mouth with his tongue, as hands danced over his body and Leo reciprocated with his tongue, crushing against the superboy, loving the feel and texture.

With super sense, he could feel Leo trying not to explode in orgasmic delight, and with human sense, tasting his tongue, his saliva, his hands lightly playing all over his body. For minutes they stayed locked together, and their clothes began to become a hindrance. Unwilling to part to undress they fumbled for buttons, clips and Velcro, Superboy having more luck in this department, he unfastened Robins yellow cape, and almost ripped open his dark yellow plasti-steel tunic. The dusky green leather leggings he burned off with his heat ray and his friend stood there in all his glorious nakedness.

Robins' mouth whispered into his ear, “Hey, no fair.”

He finally unclasped Superboys red cape, but found no fastenings anywhere else on his uniform. Jorel smiled, bent down and caressed a nipple with his tongue, his suit was molecularly bonded to his skin, a mental command and he was naked as his friend. His lips brushed Leo's, then parted, maintaining contact through their hands and vision, eyes locked into eyes, loving, needing, and trusting.

“Oh man, I've dreamed about this moment.”

Jorel looked at his body, “You're even more beautiful… naked…”

Leo grinned, abashed, “It's all yours, it always has been.”

“I ache every second we're not together.”

“Oh God” Leo breathed, “So do I, I thought it was just me. I thought there was something wrong with me. I just wanna be held by you for ever. God, Jorel, I love you so badly, so hard, so totally, it scares me.”

“I love you… more than life itself…”

They kissed again, tongues languidly playing against each other, naked bodies joining, cocks pressing hard into each other, hands caressing, stroking, locked together in passion, trying to break the confines of their bodies, wanting to merge at the molecular level, to become one body. Unlike his father, Jorel had fully functioning tear and sweat glands, and slow, deliberate movements became slicker as the heat from their enjoined bodies engulfed them.

Tears flowed from his eyes as he explored every inch of his friends body, “God, I've loved you for ever, you're so beautiful, you make me complete.”

Robins warm fingers gently brushed the tears away, tracing the eye line, following the cheekbone down, thinking how Greek the form of his face was, more like his mothers, utterly beautiful, and his body, so smooth, so slim and lithe, so unlike his fathers, but with perfect definition, ultimate masculine form.

“I'll die if you ever leave me.”

“I never will, don't worry, I need you more.”

“I never had anyone before you Jorel. You're my family, my brother, my lover, my friend, my everything. When Dick took me out of the orphanage I was fucked, wouldn't let anyone get near me. I thought he was rescuing me, but I just fit his profile, even had to die my hair, pretend to be someone else, a robin for fucks sake, fucking girls ‘cos I thought it was what they wanted. Jeez, I couldn't even use my real name…”

Jorel stared deep into his green eyes, “Your name is Leo Treswick, that's who I love. Everything else is just shadows. I'm not a super boy, I'm just Jorel Lane Kent , I have fears and nightmares… hopes and dreams… needs and desires. They scare me too. You make all the frightening stuff go away.”

Leo grinned, a sloppy, almost childish, happy grin, “I wish you could've seen my real hair-”

Jorel smoothed Leo's pubic hairs with his fingers, resting on the base of his cock, “I can see your real colour down here: But if you prefer… hold still.”

He glanced up and Leo felt warmth coat his head as Jorel moved slowly round him, hands maintaining touch as his heat ray burned the black die from his friends' hair. When he'd finished, Leo shook his hair, then looked over at a wall mirror, not only did he have his strawberry blond hair back, but the heat ray had gotten rid of the artificial straightening, and the wavy locks fell onto his bare shoulders. He barely recognised himself, and briefly feared Jorel might not like the new him (the old him, he corrected himself).

He needn't have worried.

“Wow!” was Jorels only appreciative response.

His hands cupped the base of Leo's head, letting the hair fall through his fingers, pulling his lips to him, body crushing almost painfully against each other. This boy, thought Leo, could snap him like a twig, could fly into the corona of suns, could leap tall buildings in a single bound, could fly faster than a speeding bullet, could… but the thoughts dissolved into the spiralling kiss, the touch of his body, the slick motion of his flesh under exploratory fingers, the erotic electricity where skin touched skin, where flesh dissolved into ecstasy, sticky wet rapture…

a groan as dendrites fired and

neurons exploded into euphoric flight…

He soared, free of the gross physical confines of his body-

And time slowed… stopped… ceased to have meaning…

When he opened his eyes, (had he lost consciousness?) he smiled up at Jorel. They were both in bed, Jorel, on his side, resting up on his elbow, hand cupping his cheek, looking somewhat concerned.

“Are you alright? We hit the ceiling, I kind ‘a lost control there for a second, you whacked your head pretty badly.” He smiled ruefully.

“It was perfect. You're perfect.” His hand reached up and began playing with a nipple, gently pulling it and tweaking. Jorel groaned and his hand traced Leo's washboard stomach moving up to his bronzed chest as their eyes locked onto each other, he bent forward into a languorous, slow kiss, tongues dancing ‘gainst each other.


Water cascaded down Leo's body, but Jeez he was gonna have some bruises to remind him of the nights exploits, he smiled, softly touching the aching parts of his body. That they'd been inflicted by Jorel made it okay, almost a mark of achievement, and a physical reminder of his love. He was in a shower aboard the floating fortress waiting for Jorel to join him; he'd never been this happy, all that time besotted by Jorel, never being able to get him out of his mind, and now, finally, all his dreams had been realised.

Dick Grayson had been trying for some time to get Leo to take a course of longevity pills, but so far he'd resisted, not seeing why'd anyone want to live beyond their allotted years, but now he began to see why, maybe, someone would. Where was Jorel?

The glass partition slid apart as a blur solidified into Jorel next to him, his fingers resting against his lips, “It's my father.” He whispered, “Don't make a sound, please.”

Leo lowered his voice to almost subvocal, “Shouldn't you go see him?”

Jorel's finger dropped unconsciously from Leo's lips, down the cleft in his chin, to the base of his neck. He shrugged, “My nerves failed me, and I don't know what to say. What would you say?”

Leo's hands stroked his shoulders blades, following the contour of his spine to the small of his back, clasping hands and smiling at his friend, agreeing with his own small shrug.

“Jorel?” His fathers' bass tone echoed around the shower.

Leo fell to his knees in complete silence. Jorel grinned, looking down upon his friend, noting the beautiful curvature of his back, leading to his magnificent bum, causing Jorel to swiftly cum to attention again. Leo smiled hungrily at his member.

His voice was completely neutral as he answered, “In the shower dad. What are you doing here? thought you were going over to mothers.”

“I went over to Gotham City . Something I needed to discuss with Batman. Where's Robin?”

“Uh.” Robin, Leo, was kissing the length of his penis whilst Jorel massaged his head, “I took him over to mums, he wanted to chat and you know what they're like when they get started. Thought I'd leave ‘em to it.”

That got him a sharp nip.

Superman stood in his front room with a frown on his face. Compared to his super powers Jorel was a candle to his star. He was aware, without the need for x-rays, that the two boys were in the shower together; that, not for the first time, Jorel was lying to him, and that they'd somehow consummated their relationship. It was the human factor and it made him acutely uncomfortable, aware of his own alien-ness, unsure of quite how to proceed.

“Well, Batman requires him back in Gotham tonight. If you wish I could pick him up from-”

“That's okay dad, I'll go get him and take him home. There's something I need to chat with him about anyway, and Spiderman's been in touch. He wants to… aahhh…”

Robin's mouth had enclosed around his cock and felt like he was trying to consume him whole, a sword swallowing trick.

“Sorry Jorel?”

“Yeah, Spiderman needs to have a face to, uh, face with you, something about the Mars project.” He pulled Leo's mouth from his throbbing dick, “Apparently there's some problem with the atmosphere processing units that only you can deal with.” as with a sly grin Leo rested his cheek back against it, “And it's urgent!”

“Hm, well, if you say it's that urgent, I'd better go straight away.”

He stood motionless for half a second then fell to his knees in a groan, forehead resting against Leo's arm, “Oh God, oh fuck, oh Christ!”

Leo looked at him, “Was any of that true?”

Jorel shook his head, “Oh Jeez, I'm supposed to be like him. I'm not supposed to lie; he's gone on enough about it, the last time being the remixed extended version. When he finds out, it's gonna be Armageddon, and if he asks mum about you he's gonna know you weren't there…”

“So tell him the truth then, he's gonna find out soon enough, and really, what can he do about it?”

“Being that he's Superman, Leo, pretty much anything he wants. I wouldn't be able to stop him, he's my father and my power nowhere equals him, I'm half human don't forget. There are pockets of Kryptonite communities that survived, scattered around the galaxy, what if he decides to send me to one of those colonies to live?”

It was Leo's turn to look crestfallen, “I can't lose you now Jorel, we've just found each other. I'd die if I lost you now. You can't leave me now, promise you won't go: Jorel, promise me!”

They held onto each other like lost children in the rain, water pouring down their naked backs in rivulets, streaming down their faces like tears.

“And Batman?”

“Jeez!” Leo sighed, “He's even more Middle Ages than Superman. Stocks, whippings, maybe electroshock therapy to ‘cure' us. Although…”

They left the shower, as Leo dried him with a towel; he was dried with the heat ray.

Jorel prompted him, “Although?”

“Well, I might have one hold over him, something I found in the bat cave computers data files. There was some stuff encrypted, baby encryption routines, real easy to hack.

“It dealt with the final fight with The Joker, how he killed a boy called Jason Todd, the original Batman had trained him into a new Robin. Dick Grayson had gone into some other group, changed his name and costume, he became the Night Wing, with the Teen Titans…”

“My father never mentioned any of this.”

“Yeah, well, your father might not lie, but he only tells you as much of the truth as he wants to, he was involved in any event. The entire incident was hushed up, but it caused Superman to take a more active role in planetary concerns.

“But Jason, meantime, had no family, no one to miss him, kind ‘a like me I guess. He was snuffed out of the history books, dead, gone, forgotten.”


Jorel found some clothes for Leo, including a favourite shirt of his he'd always fantasized his friend wearing. A plan was formulated, whereby, Leo would be dropped at Gotham mansion, and he, Jorel, would go on to seek his mothers' advice, hopefully, before his fathers return from New York . He would then return to Gotham city where they could spend another night together, whatever the outcome.

The trip back to Earth, back to Gotham City , back to Wayne Manor was uneventful, until they stood on the porch, and Leo, reluctant to let his friend go, began getting frisky. They kissed as the sun hung low in the sky, with Jorel loath to leave too, not wanting to face his father, just wanting to stay with Leo, wanting this all too brief moment to never end. Eventually though, he pulled away and left the confines of the Earth.

Leo watched him recede, becoming a dot in the darkening sky, then vanishing altogether. He continued watching the skies, as the stars began to wink into existence and darkness blanketed the land. Windows in the Wayne mansion glowed their yellow light, making his eyes ache, mirroring the ache in his heart, God, he was missing him already! He turned to the door, opening it silently, creeping into the front foyer. All he wanted to do was go up to his room and think about Jorel, to recall every second of their time together, every thought, every smell, every sound, every touch. Jorel filled his head and his heart, and nothing else in the entire universe seemed as important. Love really did fire the cosmos. He hadn't eaten in over twenty four hours, but it didn't matter, he wasn't hungry, he was in love.

“Ah, Mister Treswick, so good of you to finally turn up. Master Grayson is hoping to see you at your earliest convenience.”

Leo groaned, “Jesus Bayers, how long have you been hiding there, waiting for me?”

The young butler flashed a smile, noting the young masters' new shirt, how snugly it fitted him, “Uhm, ever since Superman left the premises, several hours ago. May I tell Master Grayson that you'll be attending him soonest?”

“Bayers, I've not slept for twenty four hours. I need a little ‘me' time, you know what I mean? Tell Dick I'll see him when-”

“If I might be so bold sir, Master Grayson does not appear to be in a jovial mood, and he did impress on me the desirability to see you as soon as you returned home.”

Bayers' eyes imparted a great deal more information than his words.

“Ah…” Leo's sixth sense told him a storm was brewing in the Wayne mansion, and that he was at the centre of it, “I don't suppose you know the particulars do you, Bayers?”

“Well sir, I did notice the clouds arrived with Superman, and they didn't dissipate with his departure.”

“Shit!” His face creased up, well Dick couldn't know about him and Jorel, could he? Superman hadn't known.


The instantly recognisable voice of the new Lord of the Manor whipped across the foyer, Dick stood on the first floor, and Leo saw that Bayers had actually understated the situation, he looked liked a barely contained tornado. Leo tried to swallow, but his throat had constricted painfully. He noticed Bayers give him an understanding look of pity as he imperceptibly nodded his head and moved slowly towards his benefactor.


Lois Lane Kent finished the chapter with a groan, saved the document and flicked the monitor off. She leaned back and sparked up a badly needed cigarette, she was still trying to quit, but in all honesty after twenty years she was unlikely to. She'd had one cancer scare but Kal El had burned it out of her lungs; without the threat it made the quitting even harder. She was currently on the Wayne Foundation longevity pills and had moved over to book writing when she realised she had so much more time to say what she felt needed to be said.

“Hello mother.”

She glanced up, and smiled, “Hello darling. How's my favourite son?”

“Considering I'm your only son, that's not hard. I'm fine, you?”

“I've just finished chapter twenty three. There's light at the end of the tunnel, finally.”

“Glad the writing's going well. You've not seen dad?”

She shook her head, noticing the serious, worried look on his face, “What's the problem baby? Tell mama everything.”

He sighed loudly, collapsing onto the sofa next to her, leaning into her protective bubble, he'd always felt safe with her…

“Oh well… it's nothing really… well…”

She pulled him to her, “C'mon baby, you're scaring me. Tell me.”

“Uh, it's me and Leo…”

He blurted it all out in a rush, everything that had happened between himself and Leo, the lies to his father, what he'd said to Leo, and the reciprocal things he'd said back, everything (except the bedroom and shower scene of course – some things you should never share with your mother), and she listened to it all, smiling and frowning in the appropriate places.

When he finally exhausted himself, she gave him a hug, “Jorel, you have to go back to him, if you truly love him…”

He nodded, “God, I do, I have, for the longest time. I need him, and he needs me, he makes me feel complete.”

“Then go to him. Don't worry about anyone else, they're not important. It's your feelings, and his, that matter. Don't worry about Kal El, I'll sort him out, he'll understand, he loves you [nearly] as much as I do.”

(The [nearly] was said with the smile of an old joke).

“If Dick Grayson has a problem then bring Leo back here, or to the floating fortress, but I'd prefer you to come back here. Go, Jorel, go to him now…”


Thus he was flying through the rarefied atmosphere at supersonic speed, from the ground a singular blue and red silhouette streaking across the sky. Jorel was bursting with happiness. With the blessing of his mother, and her promise to right things with his father; he felt a freedom he hadn't dared think was possible before. His whole body yearned for Leo's touch, for the taste of his sweat, his exquisite smell, those gorgeous green eyes, supple body yielding to his delicate touch, that irrepressible smile showing slightly irregular teeth that were so purely Leo. Boy Wonder didn't do him justice, shoulder length wavy blond hair framing his face so sexy, the mole just above his right nipple, his nipples, erect with the shower water cascading over his bronzed, square chest, shoulder blades with such sexy skin, hair plastered over his scalp, light shining from his eyes, fired with the same hunger as his.

He slowed as he reached Gotham City , altering his flight vector to line up with the mansion on the western edge of the city, slowly descending Earth wards, still causing trees to sway at his passing.

From some ten miles away he noticed that the south wing was in darkness, as was most of the mansion; highly irregular, most of the Wayne mansion was home to a small army of servants, cooks, cleaners and assorted staff. He briefly wondered if Leo was out at work, but that still wouldn't explain the absence of all the others.

Five miles away he saw that Batman's study was alight; two miles away he could hear the scritching of Dick as he wrote, and less than a mile away he heard a wet sniffle coming from the darkened south wing. His x-ray vision swept the rooms until he found his friend, seated on the floor, his back to a wall in a darkened room, head in his hands, his whole body shaking. His heart went out to him.

The window to the room was open and Jorel floated straight in, walked the two feet and fell to his knees in front of Leo, cupping his head, resting his forehead against his. Tears were flowing down his cheeks and Jorel felt a slow fury build up in his chest; how could anyone hurt him so, he wanted to take the tears, the pain, the wound from him.

Leo's arms enfolded him, hugged him fiercely…

“Leo, what happened? Tell me everything.”

He sniffed, rubbing his eyes against Jorel's chest, “That old bastard's what happened…”


So, it's now four thirty am and Leo has drifted off to sleep, Jorel is close behind, arms clasping his friends body lightly, he drifts in that hypnogogic state between wakefulness and sleep when he becomes aware that his father is outside. He disentangles himself and floats out of the window, mentally dressing himself on the way. Father and son regard each other above the treetops.

“Does he make you happy son?”

Jorel nods, “For the first time in my life I feel like I've come home. What you have to realise though is that I instigated this; Dick accuses him of perverting me. The opposite is true.”

“Don't worry about Dick Grayson, Jorel, I'll talk to him.”

“I love Leo dad, utterly! We're gonna be together and we won't hide it from the world. We're going to become partners.”

Kal El smiled, “I love you Jorel, and wouldn't want you to lie.”

A rueful smile, “Erm, yeah, sorry about that earlier; they were…”

“Transparent, inexcusable, laughable?”

“I love you dad.”

They hugged in midair then parted, Superman heading back home, Jorel returned to the room, floating just above Leo, watching him sleep, breath moving in and out so regular and soft, left arm flung over to Jorels side of the bed. He lifted it gently and slid onto the bed next to him, the boy muttered something incomprehensible, even to his super senses then snuggled closer, his heat enfolding Jorel. He slowly allowed himself to drift slowly back to sleep, happy in the knowledge that he would wake up with Leo. Whatever the future threw at them they would get through it together…

(In many magazine articles it had been postulated that Superboy had defined the perfect muscular form of youth, but in Jorels eyes, Leo encapsulated perfection – from his sexy lithe body to his rebellious, idealised mind).

Copyright © 2006 Tony F Paulazzo All Rights Reserved