The Thought:

In Chaos

Belief structures reality...

Our New Earth.

This isn't a new religion, no shamanistic cult, there are no magical energies to harness. This movement is about effecting change on the global level by participating at the particle level, the quantum sphere.

In the 60's, scientist found that by viewing subatomic particles, they manifested change simply through the act of observation - which pissed scientist's off. Like Timelords they wanted to observe impartially, but found that no human can view this quantum world without changing it.

Finally, no hierarchical structure is needed to change the world, no patriarchal (or matriarchal) system will ever be perfect, no image of God (or Gods) is right or wrong. Belief. Belief in the ability that one mind can cause outwardly spreading ripples that can affect on a huge scale (butterfly wings anyone?) what we perceive as reality.

And if one mind can do all this, what could a hundred do, a thousand, a million, a billion?

In the Roman times, a fish symbolized that a person belonged to a new underground religion (Christianity). One person at a time it grew until now it's one of the most powerful religions on the planet. Somewhere along the line its original message (love one another) was lost, to be replaced with its present death message (be good citizens and be rewarded in the hereafter).

The dead can take care of itself, let's concentrate on the Here and Now!

Let's Live - in the Here and Now.

Whatever the politicians might tell you, all life is sacred! all views are part of the world view, all cultures make up part of the whole. And if there be one law to this new movement it's simply this, no subjugation, no causing unwanted pain to another human (or if you're a vegetarian - being: though maybe plants have rights too).

But this seedling needs a name - and an image; the mind loves to make sense of senselessness. The brain operates in the quantum flux, our bodies in the macro: Time to do what no scientist has before, bring the two together and maybe then, like the proverbial butterfly we, humanity, becomes something wondrous...