A few good websites.

Land Farm Gardens A beautifully designed garden and gallery set in the hills near Hebden Bridge. Open to the public.

Games A list of games both past and present, and a few that are forthcoming over the next year or so.

Some extremely useful utilities I could not live without.

What is Stress Ways of learning and dealing with stress.

Bitdefender All in one security Suite and one I personally use on my business machine.

Avira Free antivirus program using low system resources but with good results.

Malwarebytes Free for manual checks, great antispyware utility.

NOD32 : Another good all rounder with high detection rates.

O&O Defrag : A hard disk defragmenter that works in the background as you work. Also offers other handy utilities.

WinRAR : The best utility for dealing with zipped files. Handles many different compression types.

VLC : A great video and music player that plays just about any media file you can throw at it: AVI, MPEG, DVD, MP3 and a great many more...

Firefox : A superior internet surfer that's better and safer than MS Internet Explorer. Experience tabbed browsing, useful plugins , and no ActiveX controls.

Immortality Institute Wanna live for ever? these folks are trying...

Google Earth : The internet based program that allows you to visit just about any spot on the Earth you like. Constantly updated with satellite photography, this is the closest most of us will ever get of seeing our planet from space. Best With Broadband!

Some fun websites I've discovered:

Stop worrying : Or, how to get by in the twenty first century.

Wikipedia : A font of all knowledge. The free internet encyclopaedia .Updated by everyone so I would doublecheck their 'facts'.

The Internet Movie Database : Some say the best movie website out there.

Rotten Tomatoes : For those that disagree about the above.

The Principia Discordia : A religion for the new age.

Games: For the child in all of us...

The Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy : A free online, text only adventure game from the brilliant mind of Douglas Adam (RIP).

Fallout 3 From Bethesda, survive in a post apocalyptic wasteland and kill mutated Radscorpions and Super Mutants. Roleplaying made good.

Mass Effect Take charge of a starship and join humanity upon the galactic stage.

Mythic Mods : A Database of the latest and greatest of modded work for the game of Morrowind (predecessor of Oblivion).

IGN : One of the largest gaming sites out there ~ reviews, previews, news and demo downloads


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